Monday, December 5, 2011

J & M Cafe: Restaurant Review

J&M Cafe has a great logo: A crowned pig head with wings. The interior space is airy, pleasant and orderly, with exposed brick walls up to the second floor, which is supported by huge old-growth beams. The atmosphere is cordial and very relaxed. You serve yourself coffee and water.

Despite the pig logo, one is not required to eat bacon, homemade pork chorizo, or crispy pork-cornmeal sausage glazed with maple syrup. You can deprive yourself and go with the tofu scramble, lox and bagels, or, if you just want to watch everyone else pig out, eat the ten-grain hot cereal. The different scrambles include different cheeses and are delicious. Last Saturday, the room was full, but the wait was very short.

J & M Cafe is a pleasant place to start your day with a friend, a newspaper, cup of coffee and good food that someone else cooks for you. What more can you ask from a breakfast place?

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