Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Manao Thai: Restaurant Review

Manao Thai Menu (click to enlarge)
I’m eager to return to Thailand for two of the same reasons why I’ll soon return to Manao Thai Restaurant: great food and endearing, gentle people.

I feel good when I support hardworking young people who pursue their dreams. Ekkachai Sakkayasukkalawong (a.k.a Chef Chew) recently started his new Sellwood Neighborhood restaurant in a city that is crowded with many Thai restaurants, some of which are very good. We struggled with the menu because there were many items we wanted to try. Would the khao soi taste like the khao soi we loved during our visits to Chiang Mai and other places in Thailand? But we wanted som tam and sticky rice. And we wanted the pork dish on the specials menu, and the seared chicken thighs marinated in Thai herbs with the sweet chili sauce. Because nothing on the menu costs more than $11.00 we decided to get three dishes, but not the khao soi. Not this time.

Unlike the chain restaurants, the menu does not rate the hotness or spiciness of the dishes. That’s a good thing, because the food is seasoned to order, so we could wimp out with “mild +.”

So the verdict? The chicken was fall-off-the-bone tender, very flavorful, and the sweet chili sauce was more sweet than spicy. The pork and som tam, also, were terrific. And the rice? I love rice. Both the sticky rice and jasmine rice hit the spot.

On the way out, I nodded a “kap-kun-krap,” to the sweet woman who said good bye, and she responded with a huge smile and an enthusiastic “kap-kun-kaaa.”

We wish them well. Better still, we’ll return soon.

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