Friday, January 13, 2012

Zeppo Italian Restaurante Review

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Zeppo is that Italian word for “jam-packed,” as in era zeppo de genti, or it was crammed with people. The owner of Zeppo Italian Restaurante often achieves that goal. Last evening, I got the last chair after work, before others had to stand at the bar. When the weather is good, the sidewalk is packed with tables and people, too.

Dim lighting, curtains, and booths create a cozy atmosphere. The servers are well-trained professionals who are appropriately attentive, without being obsequious or obnoxious.

The crowd consists of the Lake Oswego locals, confident-appearing and well-coiffed women and men looking for a decent meal out. Zeppo offers many wines by the glass. The menu includes upscale items, such as lamb shanks and herbed salmon, along with Italian basics, like spaghetti and meatballs. Whatever I’ve had at Zeppo over the years has been well prepared. Last night’s salmon was cooked to perfection. The portions are not huge, which was okay with me, because I had a taste for dessert.

Zeppo is a safe bet for a hassle-free good meal.

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