Friday, March 7, 2014

Carpe ad Vesperum (seize the evening)

Life, living, dying and death. 

Ultimately, that’s it.  

Michelle C’s mom to the hospital with stroke symptoms only to learn that her brain and body were full of cancer, and she has two months to live.  Allyson’s mom and family will soon get the talk about palliative care.

It’s a reminder that our time here is limited.  We all must decide how we want to live and then live our lives. 

How people chose to live and what they value varies widely.  Some want to be the best parent, child and friend possible.  Others want to run with the bulls.  Still others just want a job so they can provide themselves shelter and food.

Last night, the four of us shared a meal out, skipped the theater, and hit a couple of art galleries on First Thursday. 

The tightrope display at one of the galleries provided a momentary diversion for Michelle and Allyson.