Monday, November 2, 2015

Almost Real Time

Dinner Plan
3 m ago: Asian markets dip on China data.

7 m ago: Another round of margaritas.

10 m ago:  Evil terrorist group absorbs rubble town into its caliphate. 

15 m ago: Ease into swimming pool overlooking the Bay of Banderas at Sunset.

1 h ago: Turkey’s strongman unleashes tear gas against opposition.

3 h ago:  Republican “leader” vows to thwart U.S. progress on immigration.

3 h ago:  Margaritas.

4h ago:  Report says 60 million people displaced because of war and persecution, most ever.

5 h ago: Absolutely delicious lunch served to us overlooking pool, which overlooks the Bay of Banderas.

6 h ago: Evil terrorist group brags it killed 224 people in Russian airplane crash.

7 h ago: Excellent massage eases my back and shoulder tightness.

7 h ago: 11 refugees, including 4 infants, drown off coast of Greece.

8 h ago:  Bright morning sunshine over Bay of Banderas. Delicioso Huevos Rancheros. 

Villa Pacifica, Bahia de Banderas