Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trout Lake Day in Three Parts.


First shadows roll out.

Firs and pines stretch to blue sky.

Scrub jays holler & feast.

Yakama Nation

Tribe welcomes neighbors.

Its meadows’ beauty beckons.

Bugs say, Not so fast.


Kitchen back in place.

Games stored and champs crowned.

Stars fill hot tub sky.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review: Alley 33 Fashion Show

Event: Alley 33 Fashion Show

Date: July 23, 2011

Venue: SE 33rd and Hawthorne

In 6 words or fewer: Fun way to support creatives.

Review: Saturday, we enjoyed the First Annual Alley 33 Fashion show, which was billed as a curated showcase of local designers to promote a sustainable and qualified source for high fashion. I view it as another example of what I love about Portland: where anyone who has an interest in just about anything can find a supportive community to incubate and develop ideas, talents, products and services.

The outdoor venue worked last night. The weather cooperated, and the space fit the crowd. However, if more people buy tickets next year, then promoters might need more space. The energy was very good. The crowd was eager and supportive, and the models seemed to enjoy the show.

The fashions, themselves, were diverse. The most unusual fashion item was the wooden eyeglass frames, one of which is pictured below. There were vintage-looking dresses and swimsuit, pictured at top. An elegant gown or two contrasted with the more provocative styles, like what's at bottom.

Here's a list of the designers, with links to their fashions. As I said, it was a good mix. There's something for about everyone.

For a first-annual event, the Alley 33 show was a very good start. What we'd love to see in the future is a place for market stalls where local designers can display and sell their wares. We've seen a pop-up space like this in Paris and a more-permanent market for local designers in Buenos Aires.

A Day to Live For

In the Pacific Northwest, some of us hang on through months of clouds for those perfect summer days. Friday was one of those. While much of the rest of the country sweltered in, and fretted about, the severe heat, we enjoyed perfect blue skies and flirted with 80 degrees.

I drove East through the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. The rocky cliffs, foliage and water never looks the same. The water is higher or lower, white-capped or smoooth. The colors change, as do the shadows and quality of light. Although the Osprey family always seems to be at their nest, past the great waterfall, on the left.

North across the Hood River Bridge, we see the climatological edge, with few trees on the eastern slopes. To the west,fir-covered ridges framed the wild riot of colors and movement from the kite-surfers and wave runners.

At the mouth of the White Salmon River, fishing men bobbed in boats hoping for a good tug. Driving north, I see white-water rafters & kayakers enjoying the same same river at Husum and BZ Corners.

Finally, in Trout Lake, Washington, the sky is a deeper, purer, prettier blue, which sets off the brilliantly white Mt. Adams. The mountain is the constant. It's the "ahhh" at the end of the road. It is the source of so much the water I just drove past. The Mountain feels like a great, calming father.

People set tables and prepared food at the Grange hall for a gathering. Other people milled about up the street at the 100+ year-old First Presbyterian Church, discussing the sad turn. Then, inside, we wept over the passing of Tate Taylor, the sweet, talented young man who brought us all together on this, otherwise, splendid day in the Pacific Northwest.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ciao Vito

We decided to walk Alberta Street with no destination in mind. It was a pleasant, warm evening. Some of the restaurants were closed for monday, many open. Every time I visit Alberta, it seems like there's something new. This time, we noticed a bulldozed lot ready for the next development and the Caffe Vita coffee house, among other things.

Ended up at Ciao Vito. It is a calm oasis from the entertaining wierdness that sometimes infuses Alberta. The food was terrific: creative and tasty. The bruschetta was not like anything I'd had before, topped with mascarpone and ricotta and greens and fava beans. For our main course, we enjoyed angel hair pasta with prawns and peas. Delicate flavors from the lemon butter, reggiano, and safron-orange shrimp broth made the pasta taste light and summery.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Market, Fair & Dinner in Trout Lake

A pleasant weekend in Trout Lake.

Saturday, we walked to the Saturday Market and bought strawberries grown at the neighborhood Buddhist Abby and some Huckleberry jam made in White Salmon. A Mexican restaurant used the Grange kitchen, a nice change from just offering pastries.

Later, it was off to the annual arts fair, which was very well attended. Although, most people seemed more interested in the food and music than the art. It is a juried fair with a good variety of items. Watercolors, ceramics, unique jewelry, hand made furniture. We ran into our neighbors, Dale and Randi, and invited them to dinner along with Dale's sister.

Dinner turned our great. Another couple of recipies out of the food magazines. We always enjoy getting together with Dale and Randi.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dinners at Trout Lake

We welcomed Kim & John to Trout Lake this weekend. We crammed a lot into fewer than 48 hours. Perhaps the favorite activity is just preparing and eating delicious dinners over bottles of wine. It's great to catch up on the latest in their lives and to hang out.
Saturday was another perfect July day on the Monte Cristo trail. Clear skies, perfect temperature, and abundant wildflowers. The trail never quite looks the same. This time, the orange Indian Paintbrush flowers were in full display, while the showy yellow flowers look like they will hit their stride next week.
I posted more photos of the hike here.

This morning after breakfast, Allyson and I bicycled around the valley while Kim and John jogged to the so-called "lake." Another gorgeous day with two-mountain views and blue skies. Now, I can say that my Summer has begun in the Pacific Northwest

Review: One Man's Cash and Juke Joint Gamblers

Performers: One Man's Cash and Juke Joint Gamblers

Genres: Johnny Cash Tribute and Roots / Rockabilly

Date: July 9, 2011

Venue: The Trout Lake Country Inn

In 6 words or fewer: Good Energy and Great Fun!

Video links: One Man's Cash Video

Juke Joint Gamblers at the Inn.

Performance Review: Saturday night at the Trout Lake Country Inn was a lot of fun. One Man's Cash dressed and looked the part of a classic roots rock band. Being at the historic venue is a time-warp even without a band that looks and sounds like something from the 1950s. The four members played well together. The joy of playing (and maybe play acting) was contagious as they rocked the old place.

Juke Joint Gamblers followed up with faster-tempo rock and rockabilly. They got people out on the dance floor, even Kim, John, Allyson and I.

Venue Review: The town of Trout Lake, Washington is about 25 miles north of Hood River, Oregon, adjacent to a national forest and in the shadow of snow-covered Mt. Adams. The Country Inn is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. You walk into the old bar, where they serve up beer & wine. The main room is about the size of an elementary school gym, with a stage on the far end. The floors, walls and ceiling are all wood. The few tables and chairs get taken by those who arrive early to eat dinner. With all the saws, posters and other memorabilia on the walls, the place looks like it's been in use for 100+ years, which it has.

I happen to have a place within walking distance, so I love the venue. It’s a great place to relax around good people.

(This venue is not good if you are in a wheelchair.)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Zissou & Spike

Are you gonna eat ALL of that? Huh? Really? What about us? How can you be so heartless? Can't you see we want some of that? We don't even care if it's a tastless piece of bread?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Missions Accomplished; Family Reunion Underway

Scheduled for 2 hours, the judicial settlement conference stretched longer. At 3:15 p.m., when Allyson arrived home, I was still on the telephone with the Judge and the eight parties, seven of whom were about 300 miles away in court. At 3:30, I continued the conference in the car. Between that time ad about 3:50, my phone dropped the call at least 4 times, irritating everyone, but we made our airplane to Southern California last evening, and the Judge set forth the agreement on the record. Missions accomplished.

Today, we walked along Huntington Beach before breakfast. By lunch, we gathered Jay and Gloria, and made it down to San Juan Capistrano, where we enjoyed a great meal at L'Hirondelle before visiting the Mission. The gardens in the Historic Mission, founded in 1776, are beautiful. The audio tour claims that the Spanish missionaries planted California's first wine grapes there right here in San Juan Capistrano.

Back in Huntington Beach, by late afternoon, the empty morning beach was full of sunbathers and others. A National Surfing Championship is contested here this weekend. As the girls parade around the shopping streets downtown in their skimpy bikinis, I know we are no longer in Portland. This is classic California.

It's great to get together with the Allyson-wing of the family.
P.S. The photo refers to the birds that return to the Mission on March 19, not to anything brother Scott said.