Sunday, July 17, 2011

Market, Fair & Dinner in Trout Lake

A pleasant weekend in Trout Lake.

Saturday, we walked to the Saturday Market and bought strawberries grown at the neighborhood Buddhist Abby and some Huckleberry jam made in White Salmon. A Mexican restaurant used the Grange kitchen, a nice change from just offering pastries.

Later, it was off to the annual arts fair, which was very well attended. Although, most people seemed more interested in the food and music than the art. It is a juried fair with a good variety of items. Watercolors, ceramics, unique jewelry, hand made furniture. We ran into our neighbors, Dale and Randi, and invited them to dinner along with Dale's sister.

Dinner turned our great. Another couple of recipies out of the food magazines. We always enjoy getting together with Dale and Randi.

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