Monday, July 18, 2011

Ciao Vito

We decided to walk Alberta Street with no destination in mind. It was a pleasant, warm evening. Some of the restaurants were closed for monday, many open. Every time I visit Alberta, it seems like there's something new. This time, we noticed a bulldozed lot ready for the next development and the Caffe Vita coffee house, among other things.

Ended up at Ciao Vito. It is a calm oasis from the entertaining wierdness that sometimes infuses Alberta. The food was terrific: creative and tasty. The bruschetta was not like anything I'd had before, topped with mascarpone and ricotta and greens and fava beans. For our main course, we enjoyed angel hair pasta with prawns and peas. Delicate flavors from the lemon butter, reggiano, and safron-orange shrimp broth made the pasta taste light and summery.

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