Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review: Alley 33 Fashion Show

Event: Alley 33 Fashion Show

Date: July 23, 2011

Venue: SE 33rd and Hawthorne

In 6 words or fewer: Fun way to support creatives.

Review: Saturday, we enjoyed the First Annual Alley 33 Fashion show, which was billed as a curated showcase of local designers to promote a sustainable and qualified source for high fashion. I view it as another example of what I love about Portland: where anyone who has an interest in just about anything can find a supportive community to incubate and develop ideas, talents, products and services.

The outdoor venue worked last night. The weather cooperated, and the space fit the crowd. However, if more people buy tickets next year, then promoters might need more space. The energy was very good. The crowd was eager and supportive, and the models seemed to enjoy the show.

The fashions, themselves, were diverse. The most unusual fashion item was the wooden eyeglass frames, one of which is pictured below. There were vintage-looking dresses and swimsuit, pictured at top. An elegant gown or two contrasted with the more provocative styles, like what's at bottom.

Here's a list of the designers, with links to their fashions. As I said, it was a good mix. There's something for about everyone.

For a first-annual event, the Alley 33 show was a very good start. What we'd love to see in the future is a place for market stalls where local designers can display and sell their wares. We've seen a pop-up space like this in Paris and a more-permanent market for local designers in Buenos Aires.

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