Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dinners at Trout Lake

We welcomed Kim & John to Trout Lake this weekend. We crammed a lot into fewer than 48 hours. Perhaps the favorite activity is just preparing and eating delicious dinners over bottles of wine. It's great to catch up on the latest in their lives and to hang out.
Saturday was another perfect July day on the Monte Cristo trail. Clear skies, perfect temperature, and abundant wildflowers. The trail never quite looks the same. This time, the orange Indian Paintbrush flowers were in full display, while the showy yellow flowers look like they will hit their stride next week.
I posted more photos of the hike here.

This morning after breakfast, Allyson and I bicycled around the valley while Kim and John jogged to the so-called "lake." Another gorgeous day with two-mountain views and blue skies. Now, I can say that my Summer has begun in the Pacific Northwest

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