Friday, March 20, 2015

Winter in 5 words or fewer per day

Jazmine, Michelle, Shannon

Board meeting in our Condo


Kent, Ollie, Christmas with AKM


12/27/2014: Richard Milhous Nixon

12/28/2014: Celebrate Jay's Birthday
12/30/2014: Minutes at Laguna Beach

Lorie's Birthday

Allyson, where are we?

1/2/2015: Finish California, head north.
1/3/2015: Takin' care of business.
1/4/2015: Every Day
1/5/2015: Takin' Care Business, every way.
1/6/2015: Movie "Take Five" not "A."
1/7/2015: Enjoyed mediating dental malpractice claim
1/8/201: Confirming restoration needs, Damn.
1/9/2015: Restoration plan Alex and Travelers.
1/10/2015: Movie Night. Imitation Game.
1/11/2015: Sunday and Night with Allyson.
1/12/2015: Managing priorities.
1/13/2015: Mediation difficult but well done.
1/14/2015: Multnomah Mediation.  Condo Meeting.
1/15/2015: Next step done on Wilber.
1/16/2015: Work Starts. Insurance Denies. Move.
1/17/2015: Escape to Trout Lake. Relax.
1/18/2015: Ease back into Portland.
Go, Drink, Win!

1/20/2015: Breaking eggs.  Omelette to follow.

1/21/2015: Condo Board.
1/22/2015: Takin' care of business.

1/23/2015: 2.2 hours to Santa Ynez

1/24/2015 Walk, eat, drink, be merry.

1/25/2015 - Hope Ranch Picnic, Santa Barbara

Most Beautiful Woman on the Beach

50-word story; Rob; chores

Lawyer, mediator, and wine class.

Earned my money as mediator.

Pretty day in Portland.

1/30/2015:  Another pretty day in Portland.
Office View
1/31  Constructive Day.  Evening with Kent
Norwegian Klubb at Viking Soul Food
2/1/2015  Dumpling week begins.

Work, condo committee.

Promising morning hijacked by eFile.
Heading into office, dark and early.

2/4/2015: Regular day until seam discovery.
2/5/2015: Renovation decision. Redo Countertop. Urgh!

2/6/2015: Run around. Pick out Countertop.
2/7/2015: Relax and revive in town.
2/8/2015: New week. Just do it.
2/9/2015: Five more months of winter . . . . . .
Tugboat Portland on Willamette River
2/10/2015:  Last wine tasting class.
2/11/2015:  Nothing day.
2/12/2015:  Sunny Day. Move back starts. 
2/13/2015:  Getting stuff done at work.
2/14/2015:  Check out of Apartment. 
Apartment Window View
2/15/2015:  Spring like weather continues.
2/16/2015:  Grill skewers.  Cardboard Countertops.
2/17/2015:  Conducted difficult mediation skillfully.
2/18/2015:  Andina Happy Hour: Lisa, Jim. 
2/19/2015:  Countertop installed. 
2/20/2015:  Trout Lake Change of Pace
J and A's Trout Lake Cabin
2/21/2015:  No ski.  Hiking conditions.
2/22/2015:  Trout Lake to Portland: Gorgeous. 
No jacket while sun shines
"Portland" on the West entrance
2/24/2015:  Gathering ammo for bar deposition.
2/25/2015:  Great work as a mediator. 
2/26/2015:  Humpty Dumpty back together again.
(Compare January 20)
2/27/2015:  Another work day. 
2/28/2015:  Talk, Dinner Tim, Kimberly, Allyson
3/1/2015:  Family Dinner. Ann, Kent, Zara.
3/2/2015:  Monday.
3/3/2015:  Another spring day in winter. 
Portlandia, with her hand out,
like the beggars and government.
3/4/2015:  five words or fewer
3/5/2015:  First Thursday Rob, Slader, Hodge.
3/6/2015:  Sunny Trout Lake bicycle ride.
Mt. Adams (Elev. 12,280') from Little Mountain Rd.
3/7/2015:  Can't mount the Beauty today.
Sleeping Beauty

 Icy last leg.
3/8/2015: Summer continues.  Getting sh** done.

3/9/2015: Ditto.

3/10/2015: 50th birthday planned.

3/11/2015:  Great mediation work.  Volunteer, though.

3/12/2015: Thursday.
 3/13 /2015:  Rachele, Zara C'est si bon!
C'est Si Bon! Crepes+Vin, NE Portland
3.14.15@9:26 -  π, Pie at Pacific Pie
Bacon, Egg Cheese Pie
Pacific Pie Co.,  NW Portland

3/15/2015: Goodbye Rachele. Hello Condo crap.
3/16/2015: Monday. . . .
3/17/2015: Ready for another work day.
3/18/2015: Work, optometrist, condo board meeting.
3/19/2015: Buck Creek hike.
Buck Creek, Gifford Pinchot Forest

Last winter evening on Trout Lake Creek a/k/a "Trout Lake" 
3/20/2015: Made it through Winter!