Friday, August 8, 2014

First Thursday in The Pearl

First Thursday on a warm summer evening can be a wondrous thing.  Art is the excuse to walk around.  It is no longer the main thing.  Maybe not even in the top three.  

One street over, the city blocks off some of 13th Avenue, where art and craft vendors present their work, which supplements the art school and art galleries in the neighborhood.  One talented guy at the entrance by Kearney plays drums looking for tips.  

Further down, we stop into Hunt and Gather, where Cameron greets us warmly and offers us wine.  A band sets up on the loading dock outside, between the furniture on one side and the restaurant tables on the other.  A young guy across the street -- probably a teenager, but maybe not yet -- mesmerizes everyone with his voice and keyboard.  Etherial, beautiful rendition of "hallelujah."  Music is in the air all over.  It's not just art.  

We wander down to the Park Blocks, where skilled Bocce League players compete while their spouses enjoy wine and food next to the courts.  Basketballers play on the adjacent space.  Across the street, Park Kitchen's sidewalk is full.  Most of the other bars and restaurants with outdoor tables were packed too.  Food and beverage is everywhere.  It's not just art.  

We visit Susan at work in her Gallery 903, filled with people milling about, a guitar player, and a cash bar.  She welcomes us with open arms and offers us wine on the house.  Our neighbor wants to trade condos (with cash to compensate for her much larger space) and asks me to serve on the Condo Board. My answers were Yes, No & Yes.  

Back outside, we stroll back to our place, past more music, the smells of food, the good vibe of hundreds of people enjoying themselves.  And, yes, we stopped in to look at Art at another gallery before eating a late dinner on our own patio.