Saturday, August 20, 2011

Three Perfect Days in Portland: Day Two.

Summer saturdays in Portland begin with the Farmers Market. Of course you can get your vegetables, fruit and bread. Also, you can buy lamb, yak, flowers, vinegar, breakfast, lunch, and stuff you never heard of before, including lobster mushrooms for $16.99 per pound. If you want to hang around town, then bring a cooler to store your purchases.

We continued our day shopping downtown and in the Pearl District. NO SALES TAX in Oregon. So for Californians, any purchase is a 9% discount. Scott experienced the grubby parts of downtown and a bit of The Pearl, including the sight of kids frolicking in Jamison Square,

After we returned home, I showed Scott Lake Oswego, where he, a former Ferrari owner, recognized a $300,000+ Ferrari. Yes. There's a difference between understated Portland and people in Lake O.

All the while, Allyson prepared dinner from our Farmer's market bounty. Lamb slaughtered just days ago, I think the Lamb's name was Hannah. Maybe not. But that's kind of the vibe with the locavore food trends in Portland. Corn salad. Green salad with some late-season strawberries. Farmer's Market bread, and Two Tarts bakery cookies. Ann joined us for dinner, which all made for a lovely evening.

Oh, I forgot. More of those Padrone peppers. Allyson copied Toro Bravo's recipe. Plus, we enjoyed some local cheeses and hazelnuts while Scott & I grilled the lamb.

All in all, a good day.

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