Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dear Ol' Dad

Most everything has "good news" and "bad news" components. The good news is that dad does not seem to age. The bad news is that if I inherited those genes, then I better keep working; None of this "live for today" mentality if I've only hit middle age at 53.

It was great to visit with Lorie and enjoy the company of Dad and Gloria. We stopped by the beach and different places in town. I got beaten soundly in Phase 10, and we enjoyed a walk downtown. But mostly, we just talked. That's what why we made the trip, just to see him, see how they are doing, and make sure all is as well.

But, dammit, be careful when climbing ladders, working on roofs, and careening around town in the van. ("Fasten your seatbelt.") I'd tell him to act his age, but there are at least three ages: chronological, physical, and that never-grown-up adolescent.

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