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Monday, May 5, 2014

Stammtisch Restaurant, Portland

Restaurateurs Dan Hart and Chris Navarra know how to make people feel at home, feed us well, and give us good bier and cocktails.  I love their new place they named Stammtisch.

On this Monday night, there was a good crowd of people ranging from 20s to middle age.  Mostly younger.  I expected a wide array of biers, but the quality of food and cocktails surprised me.  

I had the braised trout with vegetables and a wine butter reduction sauce.  It was perfectly moist, flavorful, and not one single bone.  My better half just had a pretzel, but she raved about that, too. 

After my bier, I had a gin cocktail that exceeded the standard I'd expect from Secret Society.  Only this German recipe I had not seen before:  gin, obstler, riesling syrup and lemon. 

On top of it all was a very accommodating and friendly staff in the newly-redecorated, warm setting.  The policy of sharing tables "forced" us to have a great conversation with another couple.  

Stammtisch is a terrific new place.

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