Friday, July 11, 2014

Brood Parasitism

Brood parasitism occurs in the bird world.  A cowbird, for example, will lay its eggs in another bird’s nest and let the host mind the egg and feed the hatchling.

Allyson and I are practicing a different version of brood parasitism.  We let our siblings raise children.  Now we are trying to steal them away after all the hard work of child rearing has been done.

Last night, Kent moved to town.  That work is done. 

The nights before, we were working on Zara and Reilly. 

Our method is to show them Portland’s delights.  Feed them delicious and unique foods at local restaurants, and hypnotize them with exotic drinks.   Espresso Martini, Reilly?  Grasshopper, Zara? 

Reilly at Pepe le Moko

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