Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Enjoying the familiar and what's new.

Old haunts or the new and untried? That’s the question I faced the last couple of days as I prepare to enjoy a brief visit with good friends in the twin cities.

25 years ago, I left Minneapolis for my one-year job in Oregon. 25 years later, the world has changed dramatically. Remember using “white out” when “typing” school papers? From the internet and E-mail to $11 cocktails, times have changed. Yet, as I use the internet to explore myriad entertainment opportunities in Minneapolis & St. Paul, I see that some of the same old bars and nightclubs still compete for business. Decades ago, some of these dives looked and smelled like they had not been cleaned since World War II. But as cash-poor students, we cared not, so long as the tacos and beer were the cheapest in town. We felt welcome and comfortable in grubby surroundings. I feel less so these days.

I’m eager to see my friends. I’ll be happy to combine the comfort of the familiar while I marvel at what’s new.

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