Monday, June 29, 2009

Dessert and a view

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Heavy rains during the wee hours into the morning raised hopes that maybe the water level will rise enough so that K’s boat can float next to his dock instead of being mired in the muck that the birds so enjoy. Perhaps my crab walk down the steep, grassy reservoir slope last night served as an effective rain dance.

Yesterday, I joined K and Kai on their Friday morning ritual of garage sale-ing. Later, we all enjoyed lunch in Hudson, WI. Then, we dropped the boys off at art class, and K, Sarah and I walked to the beach at the end of the road on the shores of the St. Croix River, which was filling with young bodies in swimsuits, (not that I noticed).

When we all returned to Lake Elmo, we enjoyed another boat ride and swim in the sun.

After we situated the boys for the evening, we had to take our sentimental journey to Macalester College. The years have been good to the school. Square footage under roof increased dramatically, including impressive new sports facilities plus more dorm rooms and a center for international studies.

We found the Heartland Restaurant about a block away from where we used to go for taco night and beer. In addition to one last night of conversation with dear friends, the highlight of the dinner was one of the desserts: white chocolate sambucca semi-fredo with black currant curd, Chambord sabayon and fresh blackberries. That may have been the most subtly flavorful dessert I’ve ever tasted in my ½ century on this planet.

One last thing I needed to do before leaving the area was to go our spot to see the twin cities. So, we found and scaled the steep, grassy reservoir. On top, in the warm breezes of the black night, we looked to our left to see the lights of the Minneapolis skyline and turned right to see St. Paul.

Today, I said goodbye to 4/5 of the K family, wishing we lived close enough to make visiting a frequent occurrence. Thank you, K, Sarah, Kai & Eric.

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