Monday, September 5, 2011

Gorge Boating & Much Gratitude

Sunday, I counted my blessings.

I have a family; I live in a beautiful place; the weather is great; and no loved ones are suffering.

Ken & Ann invited us for a boat cruise. After three tries, Ken found a boat ramp that had parking on this perfect holiday weekend. From Camas, past Crown Point to a little spot where we anchored, snacked, and Scout (the flying dog) could take care of business.

There was a time last spring when I grieved prematurely over the probable loss of joyful days on a river with Ken. (See, this post.). It only makes a day like yesterday so much sweeter.

When we returned to Ken & Ann's house, it was still warm after dark, an unusual occurrence up here. So, we enjoyed our moist & tasty grilled kabobs and ridiculously-fresh, orange-colored, farmers-market tomatoes outside at 9:00 p.m.

When they called with the invitation, I was slogging away in my home office, feeling run down. Getting on the water, thinking of all the good things in my life, I returned home energized and grateful. (Some snapshots here.)

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