Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Screen Door Restaurant Review

Restaurant: Screen Door

Type of Food: Southern

Date: 9/8/2011

In 6 words or fewer: Southern Meets Portland

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Review: The Menu offers up a challenge, "How to I choose among the several good items?" So, my default at Screen Door is the Screen Door Plate, which allows the diner to select three items from the "sides" menu or the "local organics" menu plus cornbread. For $13.95, that's a good deal.

The "Local Organics" menu is why I say this is Southern meets Portland. The cooks get whatever is fresh that day and make something from it. For example, squash was in season, and squash appeared in the Summer Vegetable Saute. So, one can avoid fried foods if necessary, and eat, for example, the Black Mission Fig and Pluot Salad. But then, why eat at a southern food restaurant if you do not get something that is fried?

The cocktail menu is also very good. It includes Southern favorites plus other cocktails, which hit the spot on a hot summer night.

The atmosphere is busy and loud. The clientele ranges from middle-aged men, to young people with guaged ears and tatoos, to families. A good cross-section of Portland patronizes Screen Door because this restaurant offers good food at reasonable prices. You will not leave feeling hungry.

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