Friday, March 16, 2012

Double Dragon: Restaurant Review

Bánh mì generally, comes from the French occupation of Vietnam. You combine a French baguette with Vietnamese flavor, and, ta-dah! You have Banh Mi. True to that tradition, the White guy from New Jersey who opened Double Dragon slices open a several inches of a baguette, toasts it, and stuffs it with fillings. The menu offers grilled vegetables, pork belly, and other items. I had the Vietnamese-seasoned pulled pork. The baguette was fresh, and the pork was very tasty without burning my mouth. Bottles of hot sauce are available for those who like it hotter. It came with (very few) seasoned potato chips.

The environment is casual and basic. Order at one end of the counter and pick up at the other end; no table service. The front room has glass walls on three sides, making for a nice bright environment, There’s a windowless back room, too. Plenty of room to sit down. There are even a couple of picnic tables outside on the corner of SE 12th and Division.

Ban Mi at Double Dragon provides a pretty good quick food fix: 3 times tastier than Subway and, at $7.50, only 1.5 times the price.

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