Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's Just Lunch

“It’s just lunch,” kinda summarizes our quick trip to Orange County and our visits with three generations of family.

Scott was kind enough to pick us up from the shadow of John Wayne in his beautiful, black Mercedes. If he were ever to participate in the dating service called “It’s just lunch,” then, no doubt, he would impress the ladies in such a car, which is not to suggest that he needs a dating service or a car that does 95 miles per hour with greater ease than my Honda does 35.

He dropped us with Jay and Gloria that day, where we enjoyed catching up and then a tasty dim sum lunch.

Sunday morning we shielded our Oregonian eyes from the sunshine as we walked along the Ocean in Surf City, USA before catching up with Rachele at lunch. You can see how clever she is in the photo, as she disapproves (not improperly) of So. Cal’s cultural pressure on women to look beautiful, even as she effortlessly meets that standard.

We had some more quality time with Scott, Jay & Gloria through Monday before heading home.

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