Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dear ol' Dad.

What?  Who visits South Florida in July?  I do, because there’s no guarantee I can get down there in the middle of winter, and I want to enjoy the company of my Dad. 

Remember the “green banana” joke.  You know, “I’m so old I quit buying green bananas.”  It’s a good sign when an 85-year-old man is investing not only in bananas, but also rental properties with the idea of earning an annual return on investment that will zero out the initial investment in about 12 to 15 years.  The good news is: he’ll make it to 100.  The bad news is that I have the same genes, so I need investments to last me another 47 years, or so.

My first night in town, I got to see the whole clan thanks to a 4th birthday party for little Troy.  Gloria’s kids and grandkids are a sweet, loving group to be proud of. 
We made a few trips to the latest condo to do prepare it for the first tenant.  We walked the mall (providing a quick performance on the piano for passers by) and the beach and the pier.  And we supported the local restaurants.  Plus, we had some time to sit and chat about things. 

But mostly, we perspired.  After all, it’s July in Naples.

Here's a video of the piano man playing one of the ol' favorites. 

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