Monday, August 6, 2012

Welcome, Paige!

Welcome, Paige! 

Children are blessings to all those touched by the child. 

Children provide a point of contact for family and friends: reasons to visit with each other and share the joys and work of life.  Loved ones get together for birthday parties, children’s sporting and other events, proms, weddings, (bail hearings, jail release parties). . . .

Children remind us of the joys of learning, growing, and experiencing life: first words, first views of exotic animals at the zoo or a sprinkler on a hot day. 

Children give us another person to whom we can teach and from whom we learn.

Children provide cover for adults to watch cartoons, play with toys, and do childlike things that might, otherwise, cause people to think we are a bit weird or immature. 

We’re all ecstatic to have Paige in our lives and thankful that Paige and Lauren are healthy. 

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