Sunday, August 26, 2012

Brotherly Love

Ken (& Scout) and Steve (& Allyson):  Lake Merwin, the Shorthorn Trail, perfect weather and two brothers with widow-maker stents, which allow me to enjoy extended play with them. 
        Tuesday, Ken and I pretty much had Lake Merwin to ourselves.  The calm water leading to the waterfall was clear to the bottom and a beautiful blue-green.  Scout demonstrated his swimming ability (above) and his extreme devotion to his master.  We found a good place with a sandy bottom to get out of the boat in the water.  When Ken disappeared under the water, his loyal hound swam out.  
        16 months ago, Ken was lifeless for about 60 minutes while Ann and paramedics pumped his heart for him.  This week, we could lounge on the boat in the water, with a beverage and a sandwich and, like a dog, just enjoy being. (Couple more photos here).
            Saturday, Steve joined us for a fairly long, uphill walk on the Shorthorn Trial in the shadow of Mt. Adams.  It was pleasant, with temperatures in the 70s. This time of year, the trail is a bit dusty, and few flowers bloom until . . . . we reach the Spring-like area near the rushing creek, which is the payoff of the hike.  
                Soft, green grasses and bouquets of wildflowers envelop the sparkling water, which looks pure enough to drink. (Photos here). So, we lingered, talked, and did just a bit of exploring, where we spotted an American Dipper dancing, then flying down stream to keep its distance from us. 

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