Monday, June 24, 2013

Converting "We shoulds" into "We dids."

How often do we say to  friends or friendly acquaintances, "We should get together."  It happens more times than I can count.

Often, Allyson and I say it when we run into people at events, "Let's go out to dinner some time."  And "some time" turns into years with everyone's busy life.

Other times, to out-of-state family or friends, "You should come out to visit.."

This past weekend, we converted some of those shoulds into dids.  Friday night, we finally met another couple for dinner.  We run into them now and then or talk briefly on the phone.  But we never seemed to actually put a date on the calendar.

Then,  Allyson's best friend from high school had a couple of nights in Portland on her way between So. Cal. and Canada.  It's been so long that her kids are now 17 & 15 years old. It was great to see such a pleasant family.

Sunday evening, I let the other adults talk among themselves by taking the teenagers out for a long hike in Tryon Creek State Park.  I had a great time listening to what's on their minds and explaining what we were seeing along the way.  Matthew saw his first woodpecker. and by the time we trudged back to the car, they could distinguish a cedar from a fir.   (I think they were so tired that their strange, motel beds were no impediment to sleeping last night.)

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