Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dandy Warhols kick off the Summer

Summer began at 10:04 p.m. with the The Dandy Warhols playing their third or fourth song of the night at Portland’s Wonder Ballroom.

With general admission seating, we figured it might make sense to get in before the 8:30 start time.  Ha!  The old hall was nearly empty when we arrived.  Hmm.  Either the band has no fan following despite all of its hits, or we don't know how things work here. Yep, we were ignorant.  Warm up band until about 9:10, and the first Dandy song started at 9:49.  Now, we know.  We also know not to go to concerts at the Wonder Ballroom.  You'd think a concert hall might care about acoustics, but I guess not.

So, we learned a couple of things to start the summer.  We learned that the Dandy Warhols have some good songs, we learned not to go to concerts at this venue, and we learned that we should ask around to see when bands start at different places.

We also confirmed that we enjoy getting out together and trying new things on a weeknight.   

Good bye Spring. Hello summer.

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