Saturday, March 5, 2016

Review: Trout Lake Country Inn

I love the Trout Lake Country Inn and its current operators.  It looks as historic as it is, which means I can relax, like I do when I change out of my work clothes into something comfy. 
Summers out Back

Trout Lake is remote and gloriously beautiful.  Summers, one can sit out back with a full-on view of Sleeping Beauty Peak or out front with a view of Mt. Adams.  Trout Lake Creek gurgles nearby.  The location is heavenly.

The everyday menu is very good.  When I’m in a cheap and healthy mood, I have the pesto chicken sandwich, which is flavorful, juicy, and cooked to perfection every time.  A bargain for under $10. 

But the specials. . . . Man!  Who would think we’d find this level of culinary expertise way out here.  It’s not by accident.  They drive to Portland for fresh seafood and the chef maintains the high standards he developed in top restaurants.  His repertoire includes Thai flavors.  Tonight’s jumbo shrimp over Thai noodles, together with draft beers, really hit the spot.   (Oh yeah, they typically have a few really good beers on tap.)

When you arrive, make sure you check in and ask how busy they are.  Like the best restaurants in Portland, sometimes there can be a wait during peak times. 


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