Saturday, March 19, 2016

What a Winter!

Trout Lake Country Inn, March 12, 2016
What a Winter!

My ceramic hip works.  Armed men forcibly subdued hundreds of acres of sagebrush.  Portland’s Mayor converted liberals into reactionaries with squatter ghettos and public policy that handcuffs police.
December, 2015

There was the crippled Christmas – Ken and I unable to walk. 

Early January, I checked the news and learned native born Christian citizens (not Muslim Mexicans) took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge while the caretakers and scientists were on holiday.  Serious revolutionaries take over military bases or police stations to add to their munitions. These guys?  They just want to establish a right to take public resources for free.  (Some of their cohorts wanted gunplay – and Lavoy Finicum achieved suicide by cop.)
Portland Rally for Malheur NWR

Bundys picked the wrong political entity from which to take public resources without paying.  They should have come to Portland, where the Government allows people to camp for free and enables people to commit suicide by heroin. 


Dead bodies.  Two per week from opiates in Multnomah County.

Shawn Reap, a smart kid who got into drugs and moved to Portland, died a couple weeks ago.  Shawn “chose Oregon specifically,” said his dad, “because he wanted a free ride.”  Tate A., a smart, piano-playing kid from a small town in Washington, acquired heroin in Chinatown and died at age 18.

Soon will arrive fair-weather “travellers,” who prefer to beg, sleep, buy drugs, sell and use where authorities do not roust them.  Portland’s welcome mat is out with free camping and “legal” heroin.  Addicts steal and confront shoppers for money.  Then, they return to 21st century opium dens, which block sidewalks with tents, trash, stolen shopping carts, bicycle parts and menacing stares.

Walking the Dogs
Here’s how we all can support heroin tourism, heroin immigration AND kill people with kindness. 

Church groups: keep providing free tents on Sunday afternoons.  Prosecutors: continue to handcuff police and decriminalize heroin possession and use.  Mayor Hales and Houselessness Czar Mr. Alpert: go ahead, please create “20-25” (2/8/2016) squatter ghettos, and do NOT enforce your new “rules” against tents on sidewalks.  Parks Bureau: disapprove neighborhood requests to schedule parks for community events.   The rest of us, everybody: please dig deep into your pockets whenever young girls and boys ask for spare change or older men hang by the exit ramps. 

The above conduct is killing people and making homeowners, renters, and business managers scream about needles, theft, assault and battery.  How long will non-heroin tourists, couples and families stroll along scary and filthy streets for nice dinners or cutesy shopping?  Businesses have failed and more will.            

“Officer, people saw heroin deals happening and men dismantling bikes.  What level of criminality will get you to act?”  

“Sorry,” answers the Officer.  Then she or he bemoans the lack of actionable direction from above -- not too few officers -- no clear orders. 

"Houseless" advocates say it's a public health and economic issue, not a crime issue.  Regardless of the reasons, it has became a choice between neighborhood safety and improvement vs. neighborhood decay.  Putrefaction has wounded severely the once-vibrant Chinese community in Chinatown.  The putrefaction experiment failed, and we should not replicate it with official and unofficial squatter squalor and criminal sanctuaries all around town.


Eastbank Esplanade March 17, 2016
On the positive side, those of us who know where the worst is may steer clear and enjoy the best.

Now that I can walk again, I love walking.  Thursday, I walked from The Pearl through town, across the Hawthorne Bridge to meet someone for lunch on Water Ave. Then, I returned along the Eastbank Esplanade on a Spring-like day, marveling at some of the beauty in this large town, small city.   

Today, A’ and I walked a similar route, then we drove down to visit our friends’ wine club open house at Lady Hill Winery.

Other work of Winter included condo management and mediations. 

Other highlights of Winter include family time and friend time.

Let Spring begin. 

Round Up Ranch, Santa Ynez
Refugio State Park, CA

Oregon Coast

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