Sunday, July 19, 2009

Memorial service serves to remind.

July 19, 2009

Memorial services for those who pass are reminder services for the living.

The woman honored today made her mark by encouraging others – giving them courage. Husband, children, grandchildren, friends, acquaintances cherished their time with her. For people like this woman, if they could live without suffering, we would want them to live forever. Even at 77, those who knew her say she left humanity too soon, not so much for her, but for those who loved her and had the honor, pleasure and benefit of her acquaintance.

Only children and morons can attend a memorial service without examining their own lives and values. There are many paths to a life well-lived. Regardless of religion or not, or profession or not, an essential element of a life well-lived is giving to others, working for others, and caring for others.

The moving and selfless testimony of the decedant’s friend and clergy urged all to follow her example and reach out to people today and every day. The purpose is not so that you will avoid remorse if someone passes, but so that they can benefit from your love.

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