Saturday, July 25, 2009

Notes on Portland & Lake Oswego

One tends to talk about the pros and cons of your home town(s) when enjoying visitors. Here’s what’s being said.

Portland Downtown: Don’t go there. Panhandlers, empty storefronts, it’s kind of depressing.

Portland Restaurants: Excellent and ever changing. Go to the neighborhoods.

South Waterfront: Ghost town. Slashing prices.

Pear District: Good, if you like busy.

Mayor Adams and City Government: It’s not that he was grooming a 17-year-old for sex after age 18; it’s that they waste so much time and money on projects that appear cool to teenagers while streets go unpaved, storefronts go empty, and scary panhandlers take control. Quit playing to the crowd and political special interests and take care of the basics!

Lake Oswego: Well run. Pleasant. Maybe too “Stepford.” Businesses that don’t want to pay Portland and Multnomah County taxes (and cannot stomach Vancouver) move to Kruse Way.

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