Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jackson Browne Concert

August 22, 2009

We're pleased that a new Brew Pub with good food opened on the Washington side of the river, in White Salmon. It saved us from cooking before driving, east, up river, to Maryhill Winery for the Jackson Browne concert.

Another gorgeous night in the Columbia River Gorge: perfect temperature, pastel sky and dramatic scenery that changes every few miles: from fir covered slopes, to rocky outcrops and oaks, to no trees and golden grassy hills. The Maryhill venue is terrific, and we plan to go next summer, too.

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Friends Tim and Michelle and their neighbors had tickets for the general admission grassy amphitheater, so we hung out with them before the concert and during the break. It's always a pleasure to spend time with them. They work hard and smart and are enjoying the fruits of their labor, including a private airplane to transport them without hassles to the great parks of the Western United States and Canada.

Jackson Browne and his band performed without a warm up act. (Thank goodness, because warm up bands can be tepid, and we don't seem to stay awake past 10:00.) The band cosists of talented professionals, who put on a great show lasting nearly three hours. Jackson Browne mixed his ballads with some high-energy favorites that got the crowd going. His backup singers can knock out some great lyrics with power and beauty. Too bad they were featured less this concert than the one in September. I suppose that JB knows people at summer concerts want old-time favorites, and the women have more to sing in his newer songs.

Unlike last month's Counting Crows concert, the reserved-seat crowd took a long time to get out of their seats and dance in front of the stage. I attribute that to the artist, music and crowd all being more mellow. It's hard to videotape unless there is a crowd for cover. Fortunately, the timing was right for me to capture "Cuba", (link below) and a couple other good ones.

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