Monday, August 10, 2009

Outdoor movie

August 6. 2009

When I bought tickets for the outdoor movie at Hotel Deluxe, I did not realize that the park district offered free movies in the park. Of course, the park districts probably do not offer booze or have a warm-up band. The booze and the price of admission probably keeps down the number of children from dozens to zero.

Before the movie, we met John and Kim and Steve for dinner at Gilt. Always good to see them. John and Kim joined us for the movie; they left before we did. We left before the end, too. The movie was too campy, and it was getting kinda cold.

I’d seen the ads for these movies-in-the-parking-garage before and wanted to try it. So, we did. A planned night out is good, regardless of whether the actual night rates a “10” on the scale of 1 to 10 or something less. Looking forward to (presumed) fun bouys ones attitude. Any excuse to get out is probably good, especially when it involves others.

The band, Black Heart Moon was pretty good. Movie was bad, but I guess we knew it would be. Event was interesting.

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