Friday, August 21, 2009

The Undersea World of Carl the Pirate

August 20, 2009

Underground in Portland, where no natural light enters, there’s a strange world. It’s an imaginary world. Walt Disney created Disneyland. Dolly created Dollywood, and Michael Jackson had his Neverland. Just think what any of them could do if you said, “build a playland for children, but your budget is $100.”

You might end up with miniature golf in the dark, with black lights providing just enough illumination to see the florescent underwater world of long-dead pirates. Carl’s 40th birthday provided the excuse for adults -- with, otherwise, relative sound minds -- to enter this world. It was Olivia’s brain child to keep her husband (and the rest of us) feeling young at one of his decade birthdays. It was fun for all.

We returned to their well-lit home in the woods to enjoy dinner and conversation, some of which included people sharing their latest apps for iphones. John B. has 70+ on his phone, including children’s books and one that measures the distance on real golf courses between himself and the hole. Unfortunately, it provided him no advantage in the undersea world of Carl the Pirate.

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