Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jump Start on the Labor Day Weekend

I broke out of Portland Thursday morning for the Labor Day weekend. That does not mean, of course, that I escaped from phone calls from current clients and wanna be clients. But, when Mary tells them I’m out for the weekend, then, if I answer or return a message, they are pleased.

It’s interesting what we notice when we slow down. I’ve ridden my bike around the valley dozens of times. Thursday, I noticed the above, nondescript barn as something that makes the ride what it is. There are many more dramatic views: Mt Adams, Mt Hood, the two rivers, the cows, and more picturesque barns. For some reason, the above barn got me to stop and snap a photo. One day, this valley will probably be carved up into lots and homes. The “planning commission” just rubber stamps whatever the landowner dares to ask for. (Change the comprehensive plan to rezone for you? Sure thing, friend.) What a different ride it would be if it were not a rickety barn here, a barn-full-of-cows there, massive irrigation systems, and outlaw (unpermitted) irrigation ditches there.

In the evening, I just sat by the marsh for about 45 minutes as the sun set. A solitary Spotted Sandpiper, teals, and grebes kept my attention, as well as the changing light. At times, there was the mountain, a dark space in between, and reflection in Trout Lake Creek. For a time, the light struck the trees in between.

Friday morning, I joined the other 3 dozen door-busters for was the big rummage sale to benefit the local scholarship fund. Who could pass up a bunny with big eyes and a smile asking for a new home? Friday evening, Allyson & I reunited.

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