Sunday, September 12, 2010

Post-Hip Nightlife

Friday, Ken & Ann treated me to dinner at Kincaid’s Restaurant, the new restaurant in a stately old location. Dinner was delicious, and it’s good to sit down for conversation across a table. The place was empty, and we wandered over to the rooftop bar / restaurant above Macy’s.

“Departures” is the name of that place. The ultra modern décor made it look like some kind of space ship. Outdoors on a clear night, the music was bumpin’, and the young folks strolled in to check each other out. A very hip place, which made me feel post-hip.

Saturday afternoon brought clear, blue skies and 70-some degrees. I drove out to the Newberg, Oregon wine country to pick up a case of Gamay Noir, which we reserved during Pat’s visit. In the evening, I joined some of the people from my coffee group for a breast cancer fundraiser at a downtown sports bar. It was a very unhip place where I fit right in.

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