Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New year, new circumstances.

We started our day along the Wind River, in Washington state after blasting in the New Year with Tim and Michelle.  It was an eventful 2013, with the biggest change being a move out of my home for the past 20 years into a condo in the Pearl District. 

After some coffee, we headed to Trout Lake to check on our house.  It needed checking.  When we last dashed out, sometime in September, we expected to return in a couple of weeks instead of over three months.  We expected the unkempt appearance outside: dead flowers and pine needles covering the walkway.  

We did not expect the chill indoors.  40 degrees, because we forgot to leave the furnace on.  Thank goodness a neighbor entered the home and turned off the water a couple of months ago.  But we found some ice in one of the toilets, and it looks like we will need some minor fix up in the commode.  Also, the smoke alarms were tweeting, but the hardware store was not open to sell us batteries.  So, they will continue to tweet for a while longer.  

Next, we need to clean out the Portland house and list it for sale, while we shop for condo furnishings.  

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