Thursday, January 2, 2014

Okay, I will "go by streetcar."

Tonight, after work,

This morning, I caught the streetcar on the corner of NW Johnson and 11th, which got me close to a city office about 30 blocks away.  Looking east from that corner, I can see the Italian Renaissance Tower of the 1896 Union Station, with its sign, “Go By Train.” Looking north, I see the “Go By Streetcar” sign on the Street Car lofts. 
Someone else's picture; not quite my view.

The rest of the day, I walked.  I walked drom that city office about 10 blocks to my office.  From my office, I walked to my bank, the mall for walking shoes, the ATT store twice, and another store.  After work, I walked over a mile home.  Then, a quick walk to the grocery store and back. 

I did not make it to 24 Hour Fitness.  But today, I suffer no guilt because I got moving without the aid of a machine.  Plus, I breathed fresh, cool air, and enjoyed the sights and sounds of our little city. 

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