Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The First Hurrah

Friday evening, Ellen visited the condo.  She’s a good friend.  She decorated her cute vintage home mostly with vintage and second-hand items, and it is perfect.  So, we were hoping to get the benefit of her keen decorator’s eye on what to do with our room, because, honestly, we live in one big room for kitchen, living and den. 

After chatting for awhile, we walked a couple of blocks to dinner at Irving Street Kitchen.  Along the way, Ellen commented on how living around here could be expensive.  Allyson’s comment was, perhaps, right on, “It’s our first hurrah.” 

We are beginning to learn where the happy hour deals are.  We are finding new places.  And there is no excuse for eating out when a Safeway is just two blocks away and Whole Foods in between here and the office.  But those first couple of weeks, it’s been a pleasure to just go to some of the nearby landmark places we know.

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