Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Magome-juku during the Edo Period (1603 - 1867)
Magome-juku was prosperous when the post road passed through it between Kyoto and Edo (now, Tokyo).  But, as with many United States towns, when the railway bypassed Magome, it declined.

Fortunately for us, mid-eighteenth century row houses were restored, making Magome an attractive stop, again, on the old Nakasendo Way.

A rainy day today was okay, because we travelled most of the day to get here.

"Main Street" (Nakasendo Way) Magome 2017
Tajimaya Inn provides traditional rooms with tatami mats on the floor.  Well, not so traditional when one considers the television and Wi-Fi code, but we can pretend.  It provides guests with yukatas, like robes, to wear around.  Most guests wore theirs for an absolutely wonderful dinner. A and I each had 11 dishes.

Kind of traditional are the communal (gender segregated) shower rooms.  I'll next try to squat on a little stool and shower.

Tomorrow, we hike an eight kilometer section of the Nakasendo Way to Tsumago.

My bad Haiku (or Senryu?) for the day is from Tokyo:

Trains go everywhere
Tens of millions of people
Orderly and clean.

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