Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Time out in Kinosaki

Kinosaki, Japan is a long way from Tokyo, even longer from Portland, Oregon. 

Just off the Sea of Japan, the village of 4,000 people has a main street along a canal with a few fish stores, several souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants, and a couple of convenience stores.  The tourists come here for the hot springs, peace and quiet. 
Goshonoyu Onsen (pubic bath house)

Anyone can visit the seven public hot-spring baths.  One sees some people walking around town in their yukatas.  The city’s brochure says to think of the entire town as a lodge and the streets like hallways.  Yuraku Ryokan, our inn, allows guests to schedule private times in three different rooms plus offers shared baths, whenever, on premises.  So, no need to run around.  Nevertheless, A' headed out to Goshonoyu Onsen this afternoon, while I snoozed. 

We lucked out with our room, which is huge and has a nice view of the garden and hillside forested with bamboo and tall evergreens. 

Dinner and breakfast are served in the room, kaiseki-style, “the ultimate of Japanese food,” according to the Japanese National Tourism board. There are cold foods and hot foods of different colors and flavors.  It is seasonal and local.  (Crab is big here.)  We cooked crab ourselves in boiling water and steak pieces on a mini-grill; a ridiculous volume and variety of foods.  
In town, one tiny place sold ice cream, steamed buns, and raw eggs to put in a bag and cook in the hot spring water just outside their door.

We are enjoying the time to recover from sightseeing around Kyoto and Nara as we continue to drink in traditional Japanese culture. 

Oh, and though we are a world away from Portland, we saw a restaurant offering coffee from Portland Roasting. 

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