Monday, April 10, 2017

Sakura under full moon.

Before blossoms fall
We work, play, love and suffer.
Gull wants fish.
       - Jeffreysan 

Cherry blossom (sakura) time in Japan is a season of beginning and renewal

Children start school in April.  A pleasant young man told us that, as a kid, he did not like school so much.  Still, he walked to school in good spirits because the cherry blossoms were pretty, and people celebrate life this time of year.

Japanese gather with friends and family over food and drink under the blossoms.  "Hanomi" is the name for this custom, which translates literally to watching blossoms.  (Kinda like watching the swifts and Chapman School in Portland, I suppose.)
Hanomi in Ueno Park   (Click any photo to enlarge)

Sakura, which lasts only about two weeks, reminds us that life is short.

Today, people celebrated hanami in many places, including along Sumido River, with the view of Tokyo tower and in Ueno Park.  We also saw some women marking sakura by wearing kimonos.

Everywhere, businesses create a festive atmosphere with real and fake cherry blossom branches.  Restaurants offer sakura noodles (pink).  Starbucks and Tully's offer sakura coffee drinks, with added flavors in pink color.  Overall, the feeling is a bit like New Year's and Easter-light.

It's a treat and an inspiration to be among the people of Tokyo.

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