Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blues Festival Plus Zydeco

Portland's Waterfront Blues Festival seems to get bigger and better every year. Bands play constantly plus many vendors offer food beverages, ATMs and stuff. In addition to the two main stages, there's a little bit of Louisiana on the other side of the bridge. If the band on one of the the main stages is not striking the right chord, then it's time to go Zydeco. Or, if you just like Zydeco better and like to dance to it's beat, just stay there.

In addition to the dance area, The Zydeco stage has rows of seats if you don't like the chaos of the grass seating.

The weather turned nice today, after another couple of shitty days, when the furnace clicked on in July.

The Blues Festival is a place where people really mix: young and old, well groomed and less groomed, fit and not fit, meth head going crazy to Zydeco and sedate professionals.

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