Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Everready Dog

Lemon the wonder dog never quit wanting to play. “Jump in the river and fetch a stick? Yeah!” “Play catch with the Frisbee?!” “Please, through the ball for me. Please! Please!”

By 7:30 p.m., Lemon was VERY tired. Yet, she continued to bring toys to people so she could play retrieve with them. She lost her energy to run, but walked on with a big, happy look on her face. Lemon took a break while Lemon’s “father and mother” hosted a terrific dinner outdoors.

Some pets are shy, perhaps because they have been beaten down along the way by surly masters. Some pets slink away with one harsh word. By contrast, Lemon is a very outgoing dog. She kept coming back and back. Never discouraged by a less-than-enthusiastic response, Lemon would just go to the next person, or just pick up the toy and drop it again to communicate her message.

Lemon’s “father & mother” worked hard over the years exploiting their business knowledge and their enthusiastic, outgoing personalities. Along the way, year after year, they have employed many people, made money for their clients and investors, and continued to reach out to people and make them smile, much like Lemon does. (Does inter-species personality transfer settle the debate of nature vs. nurture?)

After dinner, Lemon’s “father & mother” continued to entertain us. At 1:00 am, we were in the pool and hot tub, and there was Lemon dropping the ball by whoever was nearest the edge. Despite our best efforts to lose the ball by throwing it far out into the dark fields, Lemon somehow found it, displaying not only her fun-loving personality, but, also, remarkable retrieving talent. Talent and personality, hmm. . . Runs in the household over there on the banks of the Wind River, in the State of Washington.

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