Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rachele, Riley & Zara

It's a treat to enjoy some time with the younger generation.

Rachele mentioned a provocative movie, Jesus Camp, and we watched it after dinner. I found the movie terrifying. Zara & Riley were very tired, but Rachele, Allyson & I stayed up late to discuss the movie, which calmed me. Allyson pointed out the historical context, and argued that the percentage of crazies might not have changed much. I was more calmed by Rachele, who pointed out that internet will expose children to other ideas. Maybe the children will not be condemned to ignorance inflicted by controlling adults.

Our discussion advanced to our own views of religion and values. Rachele articulated some very thoughtful questions and opinions. This calmed me even more because it gave me confidence in the younger generation after the horror of the movie, where 6 year-olds seemed like emotional wrecks with no ability to think for themselves.

Allyson and I are very pleased that Zara, Riley & Rachele decided to visit us.

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  1. The kids look great and glad to hear you've so much fun with them.