Friday, July 9, 2010

Monte Cristo Flowers !!!

This morning was spectacular on the Monte Cristo trail. The initial portion goes through a normal forest, like so many others. Then, at the first break, a large patch of yellow flowers greets the sun, as if the flowers were in a movie theater looking at the screen.

At this time of year, the Monte Cristo trail packs in more thrills per mile than any other hike in this area. The trail provides top-of-the world, two-mountain views. At one point, when looking down to the valley, it’s hard not to start singing the Sound of Music. And one could, because I’ve never seen anyone else on the trail.

Today, the flowers were magnificent, and so many varieties are in bloom. The colors ranged from very shy, pale lavender to a come-hither magenta. The impact ranged from a happy yellow field that could inspire VanGough to nano blossoms about ¼ the circumference of a pencil eraser.

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