Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have no priest on my payroll, so I confess to the world through my blog.

1. There is no lake in Trout Lake. Decades ago, leaders decided that Trout Lake sounded better than Guler. I agree. But there is no lake. It kinda looks like a lake in February, but August puts the lie to the name.
2. We really should sell our house in Trout Lake. For the days we use it and the money we pay, we could have some incredible vacations elsewhere. Yet, neither of us seems too motivated to make a serious effort to sell. Maybe it is those glorious vistas on Monte Cristo or just a chance to relax.
3. Case in point, would I ever sit on the deck in Portland with a drink at 4:00p.m.?
4. I love technology. Sitting on the deck in Trout Lake, with the breezes cooling me, I can listen to good music in my iphone while I read the New York Times on the same device.

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