Monday, August 23, 2010

Visitors From Far Off Places

16 years ago, I moved into this house. It had some shrubs and trees, and I planted a few more. It has been interesting to see how some plants have thrived with a little pruning and a bit more sunlight, while others have barely hung on or died off. Some developed as expected and others just did not belong where I put them.

It’s Dad’s turn to visit after a cross-country drive with Ken from Naples, Florida. Lorie took the shorter route, an airplane from Chicago. The kids have been watching things develop for over 50 years, and Dad has been watching the world turn for 83. It’s a pleasure to get together with family. So far, eating has dominated our time together. Feasts are a good way to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company.

Our lives have taken many turns over the decades. Ken, Ann, Allyson & I found our way to the Pacific Northwest. Dad ended up in the opposite corner. Lorie stayed put. We’ll never know how things would have differed if we’d planted ourselves in different places or had a bit more of this or that in our lives. Overall, I think we’re all thankful for our blessings, although we all miss seeing each other more.

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