Thursday, August 5, 2010

Life is Good.

Life is good. Tonight, I sit in the Lara House Lodge near downtown Bend, Oregon. I drove over the beautiful Santiam Pass to the Oregon Trial Lawyers convention in Sunriver. There, I actually enjoyed the seminar on a new procedural tool for my attorney toolbox and the other seminar on how jurors / people think.

Following the legal seminars, the outdoor bar was open for attendees. It is always good to see people I’ve known for 25 years and some I’ve known for only five weeks. I’m a bit disappointed that I did not plan on coming sooner and for more time. The convention goes through Sunday, but I’m leaving at noon on Friday. I resolve to get more involved in OTLA.

When I made it back to the Mill District for more food, a band was playing at the amphitheater across the river. Many were enjoying the concert free on this side of the river, as the sun set on a 77 degree night.

When I finally dragged my bags into the Lara House, a band was playing in the park along the river in town, and many young people were milling around. I did a quick walk around a few blocks to soak in the air and atmosphere.

Life is good. I enjoyed and survived the visits from nieces and nephew with no long-term injury. I had three solid days of work. And today, I got emotionally reinvested in my identity as an attorney at law.

Now, if I could only stay in shape without working out, then life would be better than good.

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