Friday, April 8, 2011

Bonanza Deltaventura, El Tigre, Argentina

On the tourist map, Bonanza Deltaventura looks like it’s way out into the delta. In one sense, it is. It took about one hour and 20 minutes to return to El Tigre on the waterbus. On the other hand, there are houses along the river all the way in between, not raw nature.

We enjoyed our time at Bonanza Deltaventura, even though our day did not turn out as planned. First, the boat schedule changed, and we missed the boat out there. Allison, the British employee, arranged for a private water taxi to get us there. She joined us, too, because Bonanza’s advertised bi-lingual nature guide was taking the day off. So, our new British friend translated for us.

We did the “trek,” which consisted of a walk around the acreage. Allyson tried riding a horse, but the horse quit on her. So, we did our own thing, which consisted of us relaxing and me looking for birds.

Lunch consisted of a good salad and very delicious grilled ribs, chicken and chorizo. We ate out front, by the dock. Bonanza Deltaventura employees were all very sweet, and we’re happy we went, even though it was not the “out there” nature trip we expected.

For bird geeks, I noticed the following that day: Rufous Hornero, Great Black Hawk, Neotropic Cormorant, White-Throated Hummingbird, Long-Winged Harrier; Great Kiskadee, Golden-Breasted Woodpecker, Monk Parakeets, domestic geese and turkeys, plus several chickens that will be lunch in a few months.

[In El Tigre April 3-5, 2011]

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